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About Us

Wise Philanthropy™ is a firm dedicated to helping individuals, families, and foundations to make better and wiser choices about their philanthropic resources. We believe philanthropic grantmaking should align with the values, culture, and priorities of the funder, be effectively invested in recipient organizations and ideas, and be informed by thoughtful and educated decision-making.

Wise Philanthropy™ works in a specialized niche in the philanthropy advisory field. Our expertise is on the two ends of the grantmaking and funding continuum: Strategy and Evaluation We work with high net worth individuals, families, foundations, and their grantees to set and implement strategies, policies, and approaches prior to funding, and then help to evaluate grants and their impact afterwards. As such, Wise Philanthropy restricts its offerings to short-term or project-related contracts.

Our fee is exclusivly-project based. It is not dependent on the size of a client’s budget or asset base. Our clients have been quite diverse. Our advisory services specialize in middle-sized and smaller funding organizations and foundations, and high net-worth families. Our educational services have been utlized by the very largest as well as very small foundations.

We are NOT fundraisers, accept no development contracts, and only in limited contexts recommend projects to be funded. We do NOT represent or advocate for any organization wishing to raise funds, and therefore never have a conflict of interest in serving the interests of our clients. Moreover, we do not provide legal, financial, or management services; if appropriate, we are pleased to refer our clients to first-rate firms that do provide those services, or to work in partnership with such firms if a client already has such professonal services.

We invite you to contact us to help you customize your grant-making strategies, better engage your family, staff and board, and make a difference as a funder in ways that reflect you.