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Ask the Philanthropy Professor

As both educators and practitioners with very extensive experience and backgrounds, we find that we are constantly being asked our opinion or judgment about grantmaking, funding, best practices, evaluation, careers, and the like. Whenever possible, as a courtesy, we are pleased to be of assistance to our colleagues in the funding field. Thus we are now offering a new service: we will respond to brief questions that arise in the course of being funders.

  • All questions will be considered confidential and will be treated that way. However, we will not answer anonymously asked questions.
  • We will do all in our power to reply quickly; typically within one week.
  • We will not answer questions that require a legal opinion, or about the specifics of managing or investing money.
  • Questions should lend themselves to brief written responses or, on occasion, a phone call. However, this service is not intended to take the place of a professional consultation. [After all, we do have to earn a livelihood]. If we feel that we are not appropriate respondents, or you have asked something which is beyond our expertise and experience, we will let you know.
  • Questioners accept that neither Richard Marker nor Mirele Goldsmith, individually or under the rubric of Wise Philanthropy, have any legal liability for opinions offered through this service.

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