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Philanthropy Advising

“Richard is a huge professional in that intricate -but beautiful- world of philanthropy, who will help you, as he has helped many, to do better what is good. He is also a wonderful person who will accompany you on that path with a human, deeply wise, positive, and very constructive attitude. Don’t miss the chance!” [European professor of philanthropy – translated from Spanish.

“Richard Marker has proven once again that he is one of the wisest and smartest people in the philanthropy world.” [Foundation CEO]

“I’d recommend you to anyone! So glad you are still willing to share your expertise, passion and gifts to make the world a better place” [Foundation principal

“You will always be a part of our family – you set us off on our philanthropic journey!” [Received 14 years after working with a family establishing their foundation.]

“Thanks for your wise counsel. I could not succeed and be willing to take such risks without it!” [Prominent philanthropist.]

“We wanted to take a moment to express our appreciation for your guidance and leadership…. Your approach was wonderful, your ideas meaningful, and I really believe we received some wonderful guidance.” [Family foundation board chair]

“Just wanted to say how much we appreciated your time, wisdom and expertise. Your grasp of the situation was on target, and your advice was smart and helpful.” [Foundation board chair]

“Thank you immensely for the valuable time and priceless advice. It is so refreshing to hear wise words from someone who wears multiple hats with extended layers of experience and expertise! I look forward to more conversations and learning in the future.” [Foundation CEO]

“It could have taken us six months and probably several skirmishes to get to the place you brought us to in two hours. I can’t thank you enough.” [Foundation board chair]

“You are the best advisor out there for philanthropists. I’m honored to have worked with you.” [Foundation CEO]

Organizational Consulting

“Part sounding board, part cheerleader, part devil’s advocate, [you] made sure that I had thought through every plan before getting too far along. When a dilemma arose, [you were] always able to identify a new alternative – a third way I hadn’t considered that took into account all obstacles and concerns.” [Board chair]

“You were a key guide and advisor during the initial days of the founding of this organization. You brought wisdom from your many years of professional work. At each step of the way, as we chartered unfamiliar waters, your advice was indispensable… You were there with gently offered wisdom that comes only from someone so seasoned and so intelligent.” [Board chair]

“You have been a constant source of reason and direction for me professionally as well as for our entire organization.” [Foundation CEO]

“You asked some really important questions about the type of organizational player we want to be, the best use of our resources, and you forced us to face the false truths that we work under every day. The discussion has sparked many subsequent conversations, and continues to inform the staff work being done at this time. We hope to be able to take advantage of your talents in this area again as we move forward.” [Board chair]

Public Speaking

“You and your ability to engage a room are truly an inspiration to me.” Conference chair; philanthropy advisor.]

“What more can we say? You are a rockstar! Charismatic and inspiring.” [Regional Grantmakig Association CEO]

“You were engaging, interesting, and inspirational – everything we look for and need in a presenter.” [National association CEO]

“We have had many programs over the years… I must say that this ranked as the most exciting both educationally and intellectually.” [Annual retreat of a group of philanthropists]

“I want to thank you for the inspiring lecture you gave… and to let you know that [we] are still challenging ourselves over the issues you put forth.” [Regional Grantmaking Association.]

“Thank you for your thoughtful and well-prepared keynote presentation…Its impact was reflected in the vigorous discussion that ensued throughout the afternoon.” [National meeting of wealth managers]

“Your delivery was dynamic, your talk thought provoking, and you created an exciting dialogue with our leaders.” [International ngo/nfp board of governors]