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Public Speaking

Both principals of Wise Philanthropy™ are recognized and highly accomplished public presenters. Both have spoken in many places throughout the United States and in numerous other countries.

Richard Marker, a professional member of the National Speakers Association/Global Speakers Federation has spoken in 39 countries on 5 continents, and in 40 of the United States. A popular, high energy, and much in demand presenter, he is known for his ability to address complex and sometimes controversial issues in an engaging and accessible style. In a written review at one national philanthropy conference, an audience member shared “I am not sure I agree with everything he says, but I could listen to him all day long.”

Marker’s experience as a speaker in so many diverse venues and to so many different kinds of audiences has given him sensitivity to vital differences of language, culture, and audience needs. He knows how to interact with the participants even in large audiences, and he is able to use a variety of presentation methods to best involve smaller settings. And of particular relevance to those outside the United States, Marker has a great deal of competence in working with translators.

We will be happy to forward a list of his recently requested topics: in general they focus on philanthropy trends, philanthro-ethics, and best practices. As a rule, presentations are customized for each setting and audience.

Mirele Goldsmith is also a well-known and very enthusiastic speaker. While accomplished as a “front of the room” lecturer, her preference is settings which allow as much interactivity and audience engagement as possible. Reviews of her presentations always comment on her distinct ability to help workshop and seminar members come away with new understandings and “take-aways.”

In the philanthropy realm, her presentation on The Evaluation Buffet has been widely endorsed. As an expert in the environment and climate change, she also speaks about how individual changes can have an exponential impact.