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Charitable Deductions – the debate continues

March 15th, 2012

Richard Marker

Ah, the wages of sin.  In this case, the sin of over-dosing on networking sites; perusing my “groups” on Linked-In.  I joined a discussion on one of the philanthropy sites after I happened upon a growing group of complaints about the proposed cap on charitable deductions.  The group, if I read their profiles correctly, all seemed to be fundraisers, and they all were different degrees aggrieved at this terrible pending injustice.  They seemed, histrionically to my mind, to anticipate the inevitable discouragement of millions of dollars in charitable giving from those most able to afford it.

I couldn’t help myself so I weighed in on the other side.  It didn’t take long before i was attacked –  but, let it be said, unlike in some other such discourses i have found myself in,  it never descended into the personal.  And I do want to be fair: at a time when the public benefit/non-profit sector has been profoundly challenged from every direction for several years, it doesn’t take much for skittishness to overcome objectivity.  Nevertheless, since the complaints had a hyperbolic tone to them, I think it is important to return the conversation to what any change might really mean:

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Forbes, 9 March 2012

March 11th, 2012

Richard Marker


Rahim Kanani, Contributor
3/09/2012 @ 4:03PM

Philanthropy Expert Richard Marker on What Every Donor Needs to Know

In a recent interview with Richard Marker of NYU’s Academy for Grantmaking and Funder Education, we discussed lessons that every funder must internalize, challenges and opportunities facing today’s donor community, and much more.

Richard Marker is co-principal of Wise Philanthropy™, a firm that includes: Marker Goldsmith Philanthropy AdvisorsThe Wise Philanthropy Institute, and Green Strides Consulting.

Richard Marker, an internationally known expert on philanthropy is the Founder of NYU’s Academy for Grantmaking and Funder Education. The Academy is the oldest and most comprehensive university program teaching funders and philanthropists in the United States. In February 2007, he was recognized with the NYU Excellence in Teaching Award.

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Philanthropy Advisor – What does that mean?

May 2nd, 2008

Richard Marker

It shouldn’t bother me, I guess, but it does. And it happened again just this week. Someone again asked me how the fundraising is going. When I explained that I don’t have anything to do with fundraising but only work on the side of funders [advising, teaching, speaking…] they expressed their surprise. They remembered that I did philanthropic advising but they somehow assumed that meant fundraising.

Now the obvious observation is that I probably don’t have a very good “elevator speech”. After all, I spend my professional time helping people develop strategies to GIVE money, not RAISE it. Should that be so hard to explain? It seems that I, for one, haven’t found a good way to say it so people get it – at least in a way that they remember.

But, you ask, so what? Is it really a problem? Isn’t it just the other side of the table? And why do I care so much?
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